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Bin Omran brings expertise in developing solutions for a variety of telecommunications, security and power management systems. These high end solutions have been designed for both metropolitan and smaller campuses, and demonstrate Bin Omran’s skills to address diverse networking, wiring and power management challenges. .

A Wired Infrastructure
We have been involved in supplying and installing Wide Area Networks (WAN), Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) and Local Area Networks (LAN) for several companies in Qatar such as Ooredoo (Qatar Telecom) QNBN (Qatar National Broadband Network), Qatar Petroleum and Qatar Foundation.
Fiber Optic - FTTx
Relying on over 30 years’ experience in broadband network design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance, Bin Omran engineering and consultancy team can help you cut the cost of planning, designing, optimizing, costing and implementing a superfast broadband network.

Our engineering services combine extensive knowledge and advanced software tools to design, engineer and optimize your passive optical fiber networks.

The demand for more content, greater speed and new communication protocols is exploding across the global markets. Services such as High Speed - Internet Access, Voice-over-Internet, Video-on-Demand and High Resolution TV Broadcasting represent substantial new revenue opportunities for telecommunication operators and network suppliers.

Each Fiber To The Home (FTTH) project is unique, depending on geography, legacy network, national and local regulation and countless factors. These variables are largely interconnected: improving on one could mean compromising on another. Bin Omran brings in-depth understanding of the key considerations, proven experience of real-world fiber installations and best practices in making smart technology choices and mixing cabling solutions.

Bin Omran supports FTTH implementation with an unmatched history of innovation in fiber interconnect and management technology. Bin Omran has decades of experience in the telecommunications access network, industry leading research and development resources
Designed and engineered for all types of buildings, our ISP solution provides straightforward, transparent FTTx choices that are complementary to all structure types. With an innovative range of products and techniques employed, we can help you to identify your best options, irrespective of the number of units or floors. We can provide a solution for every situation, meeting varying project needs with flexibility and ease, showing how best to optimize your budget without sacrificing efficiency, and reducing Total Cost of Ownership

All successful FTTx projects have one thing in common: a clear focus on Total Cost of Ownership

Responding to this demand, Bin Omran is introducing new cabling technology that delivers information wherever it’s required, connecting communities, countries and continents more closely than ever before.

Our OSP (Out Side Plant) Solutions provide straightforward, transparent technology for every kind of climate, topography, infrastructure, and municipal regulation. Whether your goal is 100% penetration or gradual deployment, we can help you optimize your OPEX and CAPEX – without sacrificing efficiency. All modes of OSP deployment are supported, including ducts, micro-ducts, direct buried cables, aerial, and alternative RoW (Right of Way). Bin Omran offers a solution for every project with the details of our full connectivity product range.

Bin Omran ’s OSP Solutions cover the entire path from local exchange to the doorstep. With our software tools and services, and decades of experience in deploying cost-effective network, we are committed to giving you expert advice on maximizing performance and minimizing cost.

Structured Cabling

Bin Omran is a private telecommunications and ICT solutions provider for over 25 years in the market.

We provide tailored solutions including design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance for the infrastructure network of Fiber Optic & Copper Technologies that integrates the voice, data, video Wi-Fi, with other management systems such as BMS, Scada, CCTV, Control, AV, PA, etc… as one single, simple and easy to manage network, along with the complete line of Intelligent Infrastructure Management Systems. Our association with leading manufacturer of passive components has given us the edge to provide the most contemporary systems in our field, which is backed by a strong, skilled & certified technical team, capable of executing projects in time bound schedule.

AC Generators
Bin Omran provide design, supply, installation and commissioning of Generating Sets, selected according to the electrical load they are intended to supply, as well as the expected duty and the environmental conditions.
Rectifier and converter
We are specialized in delivering critical, cutting-edge power solutions and services. Bin Omran provides DC power systems that are based on sound engineering design principles, and are available in all shapes and sizes. From wall mounted to fully engineered multiple cabinet solutions, we are committed to providing support for scalable, robust, flexible, accessible and reliable systems
UPS & Inverter
Bin Omran provide flexible & reliable way to get constant supply of electricity in emergency situation. We design, supply, install and commission all type & Size of UPSs and Inverters systems.
Solar System

Bin Omran has been at the forefront of spearheading efforts to combat global warming and has made pioneering moves in actively promoting the use of renewable energy and thus minimize the effects of this massive challenge that facing our world.

As part of this support for sustainability, Bin Omran has successfully constructed the largest Solar Testing Facility in the state of Qatar where we have supplied and installed the systems and still operating and managing the facility.

Solar System 30kW

Bin Omran successfully installed, tested and commissioned a 30kW Solar System comprising of 120 Photovoltaic (PV) panels installed along two arrays (4x10 and 4x20) and its associated Distribution System consisting of DC System (DC cables, DC isolators, DC fuses and DC SPD’s), ABB Inverters and AC System (AC cables, AC Distribution Board, AC Disconnect Switches and Breakers) including the relevant civil works.

Access Control & Anti Intrusion

Bin Omran understands the importance, the needs and the challenges of an organization to safeguard their assets.

Working together with the industry leaders, Bin Omran has addressed these challenges with solutions that comprise design, supply, installation, test and commissioning of Access Control Systems and Anti-intrusion systems

Automation & Control

Bin Omran has built an Integration Center in Al Khor area where we assemble and test the control Panels for various systems. We provide engineering, supply, installation, commissioning and programming for Automation & Control Systems such as PLC, RTU, SCADA and BMS.


Bin Omran is licensed by the Ministry of Interior to design, supply, install and commission CCTV systems in the state of Qatar.

Casting Solution

Bin Omran is partnering with different foundries around the world to supply complete solution of casting. Generation of foundry experience, process control, and innovative technology converge to deliver high-quality ductile iron and gray iron casting solutions. From the custom-built vertical molding machines to the collaborative casting design and manufacturing processes, everything is designed to create consistent, high-quality castings that the customers can rely on every day.

Transmission & Networking

Bin Omran is the Trusted Expert in microwave networking and active components.

Our solutions exist to provide dependable products, services and support to our customers.

We believe the performance and reliability of your network matters. We understand network operation is complicated and must be simplified. With our solutions for wireless systems of radio, microwave, LTE and other wireless technology, and our optical transmission of MPLS, DWDM, SDH, or the IP based active networking of telephony, switching and routing, our solutions are expressly designed to take away your headaches and simplify the entire lifecycle of design, deploying and maintaining the systems.