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Bin Omran has over twenty years experience in enabling their customers to succeed in their strategic goals, investing in resources that deliver results, and capitalizing on the latest trends and developments to create a culture where innovation thrives.
  • Design & Enginering

    Design & Engineering

    Bin Omran’s experienced team of professionals are always ready to translate your business requirements into technical solutions that meet your strategic needs. As an EPC contractor, each of our turnkey projects begin with design and engineering and then lead to execution, testing and commissioning. Our purpose is to provide technically viable, cost effective solutions that can be completed within the customers’ timeline.
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  • System Intergration

    System Integration

    Our team of engineers have successfully navigated through multiple systems and connected and integrated them to ensure they operate as a single seamless solution communicating with each other in meeting customers’ requirements. At our integration centre in Al Khor, we build and test telecom and control panels and demonstrate the functionality of integrated systems prior to installation.

    Some of the examples of telecom panels that we support are SDH, MPLS, Microwave, IT Panels (MDF, IDF, WLAN), ELV Panels (PA, CCTV, Fire Alarm) &Control Panels (PLC, RTU). Our Integration Centre presently provides assembly and integration services to international manufacturers for their projects in Qatar.

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  • Maintenance


    Managed Service and FLM for Telecommunication Network – Bin Omran’s intelligently designed infrastructure, highly trained resources and time tested processes act as a managed services provider (MSP) for any telecom company. Our operations and maintenance team are trained at problem solving and ready to help in meeting customer expectations. Bin Omran brings the advantage of flexibility, integration, quality, experience, professionalism, and skilled human resource to every managed service contract.

    Maintenance contract for network infrastructure – Bin Omran provides maintenance for campus-wide — along with metropolitan wide — network infrastructure. With experience in a wide variety of cabling systems, we have the necessary tools and expertise to handle adds, moves and changes for cabling systems of all types and sizes.

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  • Consultancy


    Bin Omran’s track record in successfully executing variety of turnkey projects has provided the necessary skill sets to launch consultancy services in design and engineering, supervision, testing and commissioning.
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